2022 St. Petersburg Walkathon

North East Pinellas Puppy Raisers

North East Pinellas Puppy Raisers group is made up of individuals that care about puppies and people. The group is not just comprised of raisers that have a dog from when they are a puppy until they go back to Southeastern for advanced training. 

They are volunteer

  • Puppy raisers
  • Co-raisers
  • Puppy starters
  • Puppy finishers
  • Puppy sitters 
  • Area coordinator 
  • Assistant area coordinator
  • Meeting logistics coordinator
  • Applicant coordinator 
  • Sit + camp coordinator 
  • Kindergarten instructors
  • 1:1 skills instructors
  • and more 

In addition to the volunteers, there are trainers, medical professionals, puppy raiser services, and additional support from Southeastern for raising groups. 

Southeastern Guide Dogs relies 100% on private donations and doesn't charge students and veterans for their services. Puppy raising groups participate in their biggest fundraiser of the year, the Walkathon. North East Pinellas Puppy Raisers Group has set an ambitious Walkathon fundraising goal and they are excited to contribute to the life changing mission of Southeastern Guide Dogs.

Please support the North East Pinellas Puppy Raisers team in their mission and donate today! 

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