2022 North/Central Florida

Puppy Club at the University of Florida

Did you know that Southeastern Guide Dogs breeds, raises, and trains some of the finest guide dogs and service dogs in the world? The puppies are adorable, but to witness these amazing dogs in training is nothing short of miraculous. Thanks to the intelligence and the training of these dogs, people with vision loss and veterans with disabilities find the freedom, confidence, and independence they need.

Puppy Club at the University of Florida participates in Southeastern Guide Dogs' biggest fundraiser of the year, the Walkathon, because they rely 100% on private donations, they receive no government funding, and they do not charge students and veterans for their services. We've formed a team and set an ambitious Walkathon fundraising goal, and we are excited to contribute to the life changing mission of Southeastern Guide Dogs.

For everyone who donates and helps to support the mission of both Puppy Club and Southeastern Guide Dogs, we want to sincerely thank you for your generosity.

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