2021 Suncoast Walkathon

Suncoast Puppy Raisers

We are the Suncoast Puppy Raiser Team, a team of family and friends from the Lakewood Ranch, North Sarasota and South Sarasota SEGD Puppy Raising Teams.  As of September 2020, we have almost 20 dogs in puppy raiser homes learning the steps to become a future superhero.

Consider joining us and our team.  We are happy to welcome (and acknowledge) any other Puppy Raising Teams that want to join with us!  We plan to name puppies or sponsor graduates for each $4,000 raised.  Our approach is that if an individual raises $4,000 they get to pick a name, everyone else is pooled and for each $100 you raise, we have a drawing at the end of the walkathon to pick the names of the remaining puppies (or you can choose to sponsor a graduate).  If you participate in our fundraising events, proceeds are shared relative to your contribution.  Come have fun!

Southeastern Guide Dogs breeds, raises, and trains some of the finest guide dogs and service dogs in the world. The puppies are adorable, but to witness these amazing dogs in training is nothing short of miraculous. Thanks to the intelligence and fine training of these dogs, people with vision loss and veterans with disabilities find the freedom, confidence, and independence they need.

Southeastern Guide Dogs relies 100% on private donations, receives no government funding, and doesn't charge students and veterans for their services, which is remarkable.  Check them out at www.guidedogs.org

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