Add *PupPal* to Your Walkathon Fundraising

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New enrollments for Sponsor a Puppy have ended, and PupPal will replace Sponsor a Puppy beginning March 1.

Important Information for Current Puppy Sponsors

Don’t worry! You'll still be able to keep up with your pup's progress and watch them grow. And then, at the conclusion of your sponsorship, you’ll have the chance to become a PupPal and meet a new bundle of joy each month—all while supporting our mission.

Important Information for NEW PupPal Members

You can look forward to a new furry friend in their inbox each month. Imagine all the heart-melting puppy cuteness!

In a nutshell…

Just like with Sponsor a Puppy—starting March 1, you can add PupPal to your Walkathon fundraising toolkit. When you invite friends and family to become a PupPal, you can receive credit for their (or your own!) monthly support.

Make sure they include your name during their PupPal sign-up, and your Walkathon fundraising online biscuit meter will be updated regularly when a monthly PupPal donation is processed. While the monthly PupPal remains active, you will continue to receive credit towards next year’s Walkathon.

Invite your friends to become a PupPal, and as always, thank you for all of your Walkathon fundraising!

Presenting Walkathon Sponsor: